Number of Spaniards installing photovoltaic panels on houses surges

Due to rising domestic energy prices and European aid, the number of Spaniards who choose to install photovoltaic panels in their homes has surged.

According to a report from efe madrid, Samara’s energy manager Maria Aranguren Rojas pointed out that the Spanish energy industry is currently in a “special moment.” Until recently, Spain has lagged in the use of photovoltaic installations. But driven by the current situation, Spain is gradually catching up with other European countries that have deployed more advanced deployments.

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“The process of installing photovoltaic panels on your own has accelerated compared to a few years ago, although it also depends on individual cities. The government is working together to make this process easier,” said Aranguren Rojas.

According to data held by Aranguren Rojas, single-family homes are the buildings with the most photovoltaic panels installed, ahead of apartment buildings or companies.

One of the company’s clients is Manuel Calvo Santes Mathes, who lives in a single-family home and has installed photovoltaics for personal use. The “trigger factor” for the decision was “last year’s increase in energy prices,” he told Efe. According to his calculations, “the savings amount to 60% of the bill.”

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One of the technicians responsible for installing the photovoltaic panels, Jose Manuel García Castagno, said the first thing to do when arriving at the house is to check whether the roof can support the weight of the panels. Once the solar panel is in place, connect the wiring to the inverter and complete the installation. Inverters convert the direct current generated by photovoltaic panels into alternating current for home use.

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