Exactly How to choose a Portable Power Station

Portable power stations are often a much better choice than traditional gas generators, and at least provides even more flexibility during an emergency situation. How to choose a portable power station depends on your specific needs and lifestyle.

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You need to consider the following things:


Think about what you need to power when there is a power outage, and do some research on the wattage requirements of the device. Then you can figure out exactly how much watt-hour capacity you’ll need in a portable power station.

If you just need to charge your phones and run a light with LED bulbs for only a few hours, you probably don’t need more than 150Wh of portable power, which you can get for less than $100. If you think you need power for multiple days or need to run a arger appliance that takes more wattage, you can get a portable power station that provides 4000-5000Wh. But it is very expensive and often as large and heavy as a gas generator – although this behemoth still offer the benefit of operating safely indoors. So when it comes to these stations, the sweet spot should be in the 300-2000Wh range. That’s where you get the benefit of a portable power station with enough power to do its job.

Battery type:

These power stations are basically just big batteries with smart management and charging technology. Most will offer Lithium-ion batteries that are fairly standard in the industry, but some are made with Lithium iron phosphate batteries, which last longer and are more resistant to high temperatures. All models of iMyPower’s portable power stations are made of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Charging cycles:

Different manufacturers/models provide different service lifespans for the battery. The iMyPower LP1000 can be recharged about 1,200 times before the battery starts to degrade, but other models may be much lower (or higher). This is a major consideration if you plan to use your power station frequently.


Most portable power stations will certainly offer a variety of outputs – AC ports, DC ports, USB ports, wireless charging, etc. Think about what you need for power and make sure the model you choose provides it.

portable power station outputs

Charging options:

Almost all portable power stations can be connected into your wall for charing, which is an excellent way to ensure you have a charged battery when the power outage. But being able to charge during a power outage is important. After looking for multiple options, solar is a must-have, although most solar panels are an extra cost. However having adapters included that enable you to recharge from your cars and truck gives you another option for cloudy days. Also having the ability to combine two or more recharging methods to speed things up is a fantastic feature.


Ensure you can easily store the portable power station. If your apartment isn’t spacious, take some measurements and balance the size of the unit and wattage so you don’t have to put it on a toaster or something during the brief period of an emergency.


Finally, Price is a situation that has to be considered. The price of 300~2000Wh battery on the market is mainly in the range of 200~2000 US dollars. As the world’s leading supplier of portable power stations, iMyPower can provide high quality products at factory prices. OEM & ODM products and services are also available. Welcome Inquiry.

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