Know about Bell and Howell Solar Lights

What are Bell and Howell Solar Lights?

Bell and Howell is a company that offers a range of products, including solar lights. Bell and Howell solar lights are a type of outdoor lighting that uses energy from the sun to power their LED bulbs. They are a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional electric lighting, as they do not require a connection to the electricity grid.

Bell and Howell’s solar lights are designed to be easy to install and use, with no wiring or electrical knowledge required. They can be placed in a sunny location and will automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day.

Bell and Howell Solar Lights

Styles of Solar lights & how to use

There are several different styles of Bell and Howell solar lights available, including stake lights, wall lights, and spotlights. Some of their solar lights also have additional features, such as motion sensing, dimming, and color changing.

To use Bell and Howell solar lights, simply install them in a sunny location and let them charge during the day. They will automatically turn on at night and provide light for several hours, depending on the model. To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended to clean the solar panels and replace the batteries as needed.

What are iMyPower Solar Lights

iMyPower Solar Light is one of the most outstanding solar lightings in both performance & design for Parking Lot, Yard, Garden, Patio, Stadium, Piazza, Walkway, Backyard, Street and swimming pool, etc.

Deck Lights

  • 600mAh Power Capacity.
  • 4/8/12/16 LEDs, Warm White/Cold White.
  • Adopted IP65 grade waterproof design and silicone waterproof ring.
  • Illuminates for 8-10 hours after 4-6 hours of charging..
  • Safety for deck, fence, step, yard, garden, patio or swimming pool.

Pathway Lights

  • Larger capacity and higher wattages(400mAh~1800mAh).
  • With 12~96 LED SMD2835 Lamp Beads.
  • Yellow Flame Color (Dancing Flame Effect).
  • Just turn on the switch on the path light to install.
  • With 2V 0.3W solar panel, iMyPower’s solar pathway lights charge very fast.

Street Lights

  • With Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery.
  • 6 pieces of slim solar panels wrap 360 degrees around the pole. 360° Full Day Charging.
  • Strong Wind Resistant. Anti-Snow Covering.
  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • 3~5 Years Warranty.

Factory prices are available for all products. To get iMyPower led solar lights, simply Inquiry here.

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