Another “winter artifact” sales skyrocketed – turtleneck sweaters became popular

As Europe’s energy crisis intensifies and the cold winter approaches, winter essentials from China are being exported to Europe. Chinese-made winter products such as autumn clothes and johns, bare leg artifacts, flannel pajamas, hot water bottles, hand warmers, heaters, electric blankets, and turtleneck sweaters are being “buried” by European consumers.

Another “winter artifact” sales skyrocketed – turtleneck sweaters became popular in Europe

In a recent video speech, French President Emmanuel Macron wore a turtleneck sweater instead of a Western shirt. According to related reports, Macron led by example, calling for a reduction in energy use in winter and a joint response to the European energy crisis.

Earlier, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire also said in an interview with French radio station France Inter: “You won’t see me wearing a tie anymore, but a crewneck sweater. It’s good and helps save energy. “Contribute to energy conservation.”

Turtleneck sweaters may be the best fashion item in France and Europe this year. The Chinese manufacturers who were the first to smell the business opportunities are taking orders from Europe in full swing this winter. According to media reports, a Chinese foreign trade person revealed that in the past 30 days alone, the search volume for turtleneck sweaters has increased by 13 times, and the sales data in the European market is considerable.

Turtleneck sweaters

It’s not just turtlenecks. In recent months, the demand for “winter artifacts” in foreign trade has continued to grow. On social media, topics such as “Europeans buy Chinese electric blankets” and “China exports 1.29 million electric blankets per month” frequently appear on hot searches. Data from the General Administration of Customs also shows that in January this year, the number of electric blankets imported from China by 27 EU countries was 189,000 in a single month, increased to 521,000 in June, and rose rapidly to 1.29 million on July, month-on-month. An increase of nearly 150%.

Winter essential thermal underwear is also appearing in the wardrobes of European consumers. According to data provided by the local cross-border platform AliExpress, since October, sales of thermal underwear have increased by 246% month-on-month. Among them, in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and other countries, the growth rate of thermal underwear increased by more than 3 times compared with the previous month, accounting for 372%, 362%, 365%, 316%, and 311% respectively.

Winter essential thermal underwear

At the same time, heating equipment is also selling well. From the AliExpress, before entering October, the sales of small heating appliances in Europe tripled, and energy products such as wind energy, solar energy, and portable power stations also increased to a certain extent.

The heating problem under the European energy crisis has attracted the attention of countries all over the world, but it is still unknown how long the upsurge of cold protection products brought about by this energy crisis will last.

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