8 Things You Should Keep At Home In 2022

For the next two years, it is recommended that you keep these things at home. Although these few things may seem trivial, they can help you get out of a crisis at a critical moment.

Accidents are everywhere, and wherever you are from now on, we should all be vigilant and take precautions. Prepare the following things in advance at home, which may save your life at critical moments. What are these things?

1 First aid kit

What should be in the first aid kit? They should be first aid guides, band-aids, sterile gauze, medical tape, disposable gloves, medical alcohol, thermometers, allergy medication, pain relievers, etc.

First aid kit

2 Bottled water

Bottled water should be prepared at least 60 bottles. Water is very important in the event of a sudden disaster and there are no signs of improvement. People can go without food for seven days, but not for three days without water. Being well-prepared can help you get out of trouble and give yourself and your family a safer, stronger security.

Bottled water

3 Rechargeable flashlight

Why prepare a flashlight? Some people say that mobile phones can also be used for lighting. The speed of holding a flashlight is definitely not as fast as a mobile phone. After all, mobile phones are basically carried around 24 hours a day. In fact, cell phones alone are definitely not enough, just like cell phones have their own camera capabilities. But professional cameras are still popular and will never be replaced by cell phones. The occurrence of various emergencies and disasters is completely random, which makes compact flashlights begin to be valued and applied by people. Various lighting needs can be achieved by choosing the right flashlight. We cannot predict disasters and dangers, but we can prepare in advance. In fact, another advantage of using a flashlight is to maintain the independence of the tool. After all, the mobile phone has too many functions. It is necessary to maintain contact with the outside world and save power. It cannot be used for lighting all the time.

Rechargeable flashlight

4 Portable Power Station/Power Bank

As a multifunctional portable power station, it has three main features, solar charging, wireless transmission and high-brightness led lighting. In the event of a disaster, the power bank can harvest energy from the sun and store it, in addition to lighting at night, it can also charge mobile phones and other devices. In addition, the product is waterproof and dustproof, so it can be used normally even if there is flooding caused by heavy rain or tsunami.

Portable Power Station

5 Compressed Biscuits and instant noodles

Now instant noodles seem to be gradually fading out of the food of choice for disaster relief, why? If you go to those disaster areas, you will find that you will gradually lose sight of instant noodles, because there is a better substitute for instant noodles in disaster areas, that is, compressed biscuits. Although instant noodles have many advantages and are very convenient, they are more troublesome than compressed biscuits, because everyone knows that in the event of a disaster, water and electricity will become problems, so it is not so easy to get hot water, and compressed biscuits can be opened directly. ate. In the past, compressed biscuits were not very popular in the market, and their nutritional requirements were not as good as instant noodles, so instant noodles would be the first choice for disaster relief materials at that time. Now the production technology of compressed biscuits has been greatly improved. A small piece of compressed biscuits can fill the body with a sense of fullness, so it is now slowly becoming the first choice for disaster relief materials.

Compressed Biscuits

6 Candy

The main function of candy is to provide heat, and 70% of the energy required by the human body is actually provided by sugar. In addition, sugar is also an important substance that constitutes human tissues and protects liver function. In daily life, it may be difficult for us to effectively understand the importance of sugar to the human body, and sugar can be directly used to save lives in emergency situations. Now some anemic patients always carry some sugar with them to avoid fainting due to anemia. Athletes also add some sugar water after strenuous exercise to ensure that body functions return to normal quickly.


7 Multifunctional knife

Small in size and easy to carry, it integrates various functions to meet various needs and quickly solve various problems.

Multifunctional knife

8 Household disinfectant

Including 75% ethanol and alcohol, 0.5% iodophor disinfectant, 84 disinfectant and various chlorine-containing disinfection tablets. During the epidemic, 84 disinfectant was widely used by citizens for daily use. The first two disinfectants used for disinfection and sterilization can be used directly, and the latter two need to be diluted or mixed into a solution before use. Common household disinfection methods include wiping, spraying, and soaking.

Household disinfectant

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